The Five Elements are deeply rooted in Feng Shui principles and traditional Chinese medicine. These principles are at the foundation of Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbalism.      

  • Feng Shui masters incorporate these principles to balance the energies of homes and business, which improves relationships .
  • Traditional healers use the principles to balance their patient’s energies, improving their overall health. 


FIRE- Passion & High EnergyThe fire element supports career endeavors; it assists in attaining recognition.

Fire energy on its positive side is honor and fairness; on its negative side, it stands for war and aggression. It symbolizes summer and heat.

  • Feng Shui Fire Element Color is red
  • Feng Shui Fire direction is South

 EARTH-Stability & Nourishment - The earth element helps create stability, nourishment and protection for all your relationships.

The earth energy supports and interacts with other elements. It symbolizes the sterilization of the environment so seeds can grow. Earth energy on its positive side denotes fairness, instinct and wisdom; on its negative side, it can smother or represent the nervous anticipation of a non-existent situation.

  • Feng Shui Earth Element Colors are yellow and brown
  • Feng Shui Earth directions are Northeast and Southwest.

METAL –Clarity & Preciseness - The Metal element brings in the qualities of sharpness, focus, precision, and efficiency; its balanced presence will help you live with clarity and lightness.

 The metal energy is the deadly blade of a weapon or a precious commodity. It symbolizes autumn and strength. Metal, in its nature, represents solidity and the ability to contain objects, while at the same time acting as a conductor. On metal’s positive side, it denotes communication, justice and brilliant ideas; on its negative side, it can suggest destruction, sadness and danger.

  • Feng Shui Metal Element Colors are gray and white
  • Feng Shui Metal directions are West and North-West

 WATER-Abundance, Ease, Freshness & Water – The Water element brings a refreshing calm energy, ease, purity and freshness. Water isFengShuiPic2 also the icon of abundance, thus a powerful Feng Shui cure.

Water energy is associated with emotions and can suggest fear, nervousness and stress. It symbolizes winter, water itself, storm and gentle rain. On water’s positive side, it nurtures and supports with understanding; on its negative side, it can exhaust and wear down. It suggests the inner self, beauty and art.

  •  Feng Shui Water Element Colors are blue and black
  • Feng Shui Water direction is North

 WOOD- Health & Vitality – The wood element is lush and healing, bringing in the energy of vitality, health and growth. It is the symbol of abundance and a common cure for prosperity.

Wood energy is nurturing, expansive and versatile. It symbolizes spring, growth and plant life. In its Yang form, it is sturdy as the oak; in its Yin form it is supple and pliable.  Bamboo is cherished throughout Asia for its ability to be strong enough for scaffolding, yet flexible enough to sway with the changing winds.  

  •  Feng Shui Wood Element Colors are green and brown
  • Feng Shui Wood directions  are East and Southeast

By: Denise Turner

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