Happy couple.While selecting paint colors can be intimidating, it’s important to remember that something as simple as a touch of paint can transform a room.  Not only can it add warmth and depth to a room, it is an inexpensive and quick way to conceal a multitude of challenges.

 If you think you have no budget to complete update your home, you can use paint to convert something you hate into something you love.

  • Instead of replacing that unusual bathroom tile, which can cost a fortune, use a coordinating color to down play its undesirable features.
  • Furnishing the Living Room is quite a task; however, unfurnished rooms don’t look as empty in warm colors.
  • Replacing that hand-me-down sofa in the Family Room is not required, as a similar paint color will virtually blend it into the wall.

 Color inspiration can come from photos, paintings, fabrics and magazines, and by using a licensed painting contractor and good quality paint, the colors will leave you feeling satisfied and content until you can afford an overhaul.

 By: Denise Turner – www.colorturners.com

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