If you have a basic item in your home that is still in good condition such as a carpet or sofa and you can’t afford to replace it, here are some suggestions on how to update your color scheme.

You can approach this dilemma by finding a pattern that has your current color in it as well as some new colors. Taking those new colors, you can introduce a new wall color or accent items such as pillows. Patterns can be found in wall coverings, fabrics for pillows, paintings, tablecloths, area rugs or draperies. Adding one of these to a color scheme gives you are starting point. Let’s say you have a blue sofa in good condition.

Add a pattern with the blue and several other colors in it.

Now you have several colors to use in the new color scheme.

You can also use a new piece of art to create a color scheme. In this illustration we are using a red chair as our starting point.

Shown here is artwork with the current red and new colors.

New accent colors can include the following hues and white or light blue could be a good wall color to show them off.

These are some simple and inexpensive ways to update your color scheme!




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