We are the Color Maniacs!  Crazy about color and all things related.

Join us, contribute your views on all things color, enjoy our blog and our website www.colormaniacs.com . 

Color Maniacs is a central location to communicate thoughts, opinions, facts, and stories about color.  Using a network of pigment-passionate individuals, we will develop a creative environment for users to gain and share knowledge and ideas on color and how it relates to everyday life in different aspects.

Our purpose is two-fold –

  • One, to be the go-to authority for all things color on the web.  We will do this by providing related material to assist users in learning all they can about color and allow blogs from those who are “crazy for color” share their passion with others. 
  • Second, to provide an opportunity for color professionals to be found, share knowledge in their field, gain contacts in other businesses, and advance their brands to better position themselves in their chosen industry.

Color?  We LOVE it!