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Vampire Couture & Color

Vampire Couture

Vampires will always return a few times every Century, but we are full swing into a resurging trend of fascination with the undead and a love of blood. Vampires have moved from underground cult figures to mass mainstream appeal across all age groups.

Perhaps the new bloody phase started with the four part “Twilight” book series by Stephenie Meyer, inspired by a dream that she had in 2003 where a vampire falls in love with a schoolgirl. The film of the first series earned almost $400 Million, taking the teen world by storm.  The second film “New Moon” shines around November this year.

Also current on the big screen is the arrival of “Zombieland” and Korean director Park Chan’s “Thirst” – a slightly different stance from the other Vampire themes. Released earlier this year, “Thirst” deals with the moral dilemma of a young priest who enters a high-risk medical experiment where tainted blood turns out to be a lifesaver of a different kind. “Zombieland”, released in October, was a violent comedy-horror credited with the 2nd highest grossing start on record for a Zombie film. A sequel is already being planned.

Drac's Back!

Drac's Back!

On the small screen, “True Blood” enters its second season and has been signed up for a third due to its popularity. Set in a small fictitious Louisiana town, a telepathic human waitress falls in love with a vampire. Japanese scientists have invented a synthetic blood called ‘Tru Blood’ which enables the vampires to integrate into human society; clearly the trend is massive, as “True Blood” is now HBO’s most watched show since “The Soprano’s”.

Couture and ready to wear fashions are following suit; the vampire look is sexy, glam, sultry, seductive and, let’s face it – just ‘drop-dead’ gorgeous! Make-up styles feature snow white, sculptured faces with berry stained lips and dark eyes. In 2008, luxury brands such as Dior, Lancome and Saint Laurent launched black lip gloss, forecasting a trend to follow. Dior beauty also released a palette of dark grey, silver and blue called…Twilight.


Vamp-Inspired Fashion

Designers such as Rodarte, Christian Lacroix and Jean Paul Gaultier vamped up their new lines with pale and bloodied models wearing shades of black, lace, leather, gloves, puffy jackets and Gothic Cross necklaces. Lagerfeld vampire chic included dark colours, high collars and leather on the runway. Mortals, such as Angelina and Kylie, have been seen supporting the vamp-inspired fashions.

The ‘undead’ fashion movement first emerged at the Mexico City Fashion Week, where the town celebrates ‘The Day of the Dead’. Fashion accessories are appearing in the ready to wear market too, such as the Zombie Stomper Heels by Iron Fist. Designer Rob Wynne has shown blood-splat cufflinks and there are diverse ranges of Goth and Vampire inspired jewelry.

Vampires and the undead will continue to shadow over society for years to come, as we continue to enjoy the romance and sexuality associated with Vampires since Bram Stokers’ 1897 “Dracula”; this trend might too live forever…. 

Author: Dede Radford