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Do you have a floor that needs a punch of excitement to make a room pop? If you do not want to invest in new carpeting, tile or hardwood or have a floor that needs help, here are some ideas.

Wood floors do not have to be stained in just one color; this floor has excitement and interest with multicolored stained blocks. It is rich and glamorous without the cost of inlaying many different kinds of wood. Mark off areas with painters tape and select stains that are contrasting in value or hue. Patterns can be achieved just as you would on walls, with tape and imagination.

Floors can be painted to look old and distressed by applying thin coats of paint with a semi dry brush. This can make an interesting and unique pattern.

Paint the floor a bright blue and then stencil a pattern like this one using white paint. If you use floor enamel you will not have to seal the surface to keep it clean.

A look like this can be achieved by marking off squares with painters tape and can be done in paint or stain. Remember to paint only one color, remove the tape and then tape it for the second color. Make sure the first coat is dry before applying the tape for the second color.

Painting Tile

Did you know that you can paint tile? Just make sure you have a good primer such as Kilz.

This is an inset in my kitchen tile floor. When it was originally installed, the dark brown in this photo was a deep blue green. When I remodeled the kitchen, I did not want to replace the floor and the blue green was not right for the new scheme. So I taped off the blue green parts, primed it with Kilz and repainted it with floor paint using a sponge for texture.